giw Gesellschaft für Informationen aus der und für die Wirtschaft mbH has been located in Essen since 1976 and in Munich since 1985. giw is an agency which specialises in public relations consultancy and the development and implementation of public relations programmes mainly for companies in the high-tech and capital goods industries. giw's shareholders and managing directors are Gisela Wallbruch and Ralf Wallbruch who manages a permanent staff of 10 and a number of freelancers from both offices.

giw has expertise in consultancy for

  • Architecture, Arts and Design
  • Banking
  • Human Relations
  • Industry
  • Information Technologie
  • Management consultancy
  • New Media
  • New Economy
  • Office Furniture
  • Psychology / Psychotherapy
  • Science
  • Telecommunications

giw's aim is to help VIPs and companies in these industries to establish themselves in the German speaking market by providing a continuous and wellbalanced PR + marketing programme. The strategies employed in this process range from public relations and marketing consultancy through to the development and implementation of systematic press relations programmes. One emphasis in public relations is on the development, scheduling and execution of opportunities for entrepreneurs such as road shows, workshops and round-table discussions, for which giw sets the agenda and identifies speakers.

Another emphasis is on press relations, which is based to a large extent on the development of company and product press releases and technical and user articles, which are distributed to radio, television, business and technical press. In addition, interviews, press briefings and press conferences are organised, along with PR support during important international and regional exhibitions and events. This core work is supplemented by giw's own press cutting service.

For clients in the German speaking market, market research and observation of competitors activities are also available. In addition, printed material of all kinds (brochures, manuals, hand books, work shop materials, guides and company newsletters) are developed or - in the case of translations - professionally adapted for the German market.

giw also offers a full service for marketing and advertising, promotion and exhibition stand construction through its partners AWM Gesellschaft für Werbung & Marketing GmbH, Cologne, and Confair/Planbau GmbH, Essen.