The EuroPR Network (Background Information)

As a result of the rapid development and the challenges posed by the European Market, technological progress and innovative processes are bringing about structural changes in almost all sectors of the economy. This means that communication on a large scale takes on a whole new meaning. In the future, more importance than ever before will be attached to communication, affecting both the lifestyle and philosophy of the individual, and society as a whole. Social realities will be conveyed increasingly using communication - fulfilling an important function and at the same time providing opportunities for innovative publicity work.

For this reason, Public Relations will be a vital factor of planning and management for large and medium-sized companies in the future. Now, more than ever before, it is important to exert an active influence over the structure of communication, and for each individual company to present a convincing self-portrayal - not just nationally, but also at a pan-European and international level. This ensures a secure existence on a long-term basis, but also means that individual views and interests can be identified.

EuroPR - an active network currently made up of seven experienced professional PR agencies working together - offers professional support geared towards achieving "pan-European communication" in association with their client companies. Its goal is to provide European clients with a consistent working basis, whilst at the same time taking into account particular requirements specific to the local market. All the PR agencies have many years of experience and are well established, with a competent reputation in the country where they are located.

Each member of the network provides the client, according to requirements, with all the services expected of a professional PR agency. These include quality media contacts, research, formulation and publication of business, specialist and documentation texts, as well as support for the organisation of press interviews, (press) conferences, seminars, road shows etc.